Your High Quality Puppy Is Here!

We do have puppies available at the moment! Check out the parents!


Our Puppies 

Our pups can go home after they are 8 weeks old. The puppies have different colored collars on - pictures posted for picking your puppy after they over six weeks old.  ​All puppies have been given age appropriate 

vaccines, but please note we do will not be responsible for any puppy who contracts parvo or any other disease once it leaves our hands. Please keep your puppies away from all public places until your puppy has all three booster shots. 

Our "pet" pups are high quality puppies and much nicer than many kennels "show" puppies. 


We can ship to any major airport and we also ground ship and can deliver puppy right to  your door for $350 to 500! 


We can hold a puppy with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit paid.

Please contact for availability on puppies, thank you!